We at PEOPLE OF THE STONE are happy to announce the introduction of our first instructional video, TRADITIONAL FLINT KNAPPING WITH TOM KUHN.   As many readers of this blog know, in addition to being the author of the six part People of the Stone saga, I was a professional archeologist and for seventeen years also owned and operated the successful RATTLER CRAFTS--a business devoted to education and providing a source of authentic prehistoric reproductions of all types, especially hand-chipped and hafted stone artifact recreations.  During that period and since I have produced thousands of artifact replicas of all types using tools and methods explained and demonstrated in this video.

TRADITIONAL FLINTKNAPPING is a 70 minute, professionally produced video that both educates and provides a hands-on, how-to guide for anyone interested in learning about the ancient craft of flint knapping using traditional tools and methods.  The video covers all the basics, from tool and material acquisition and preparation, to techniques of blanking, preforming, notching, stemming, trouble-shooting and many other aspects of this amazing craft  It is based upon the presenter's nearly thirty years of experience at all levels with primitive technology in general and flint knapping in particular.  Different types of materials and how to acquire them are presented, along with close-up and carefully explained demonstrations of techniques used by flintknappers for thousands of years.

To see a two minute trailer or to make an outright purchase of this wonderful new tool in the exciting hobby of flintknapping, just click on the pop-up for this trailer that appears to the right on any page of our website and blog.  This will not only introduce you to the video but will guide you to our STORE page for easy purchase instructions using one of two methods if you are interested in acquiring this useful tool. The video is available for direct download for your own use at $8.95 or with a hard copy DVD sent direct  by mail for $14.95.  Either method you choose allows you to use our secure PayPal account for immediate purchase or download.  I believe this video will be of great interest and use to those just beginning; for those who have already undertaken to learn this unique craft; or even for those simply interested in learning more about how the process of stone working by our ancient ancestors was actually done.

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