A Dark Winged Shadow

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Book 4: A Dark Winged Shadow

The People of the Stone saga continues with A Dark Winged Shadow, the fourth novel in this series dealing with the controversial origin and spread of prehistoric native American culture.

Centered in the great heartland of the Ohio valley, this story focuses on the critical early period of those peoples we have come to call The Moundbuilders. It is a story of two great families, but more importantly two brothers of individual distinction with two separate visions for the future. Set against a backdrop of political intrigue, shifting alliances, and family mystery, it is a revealing story of how peoples at the brink of agriculture and civilization must learn to cope with the great mysteries of their new environmental relationship, while maintaining their connections to a deep and often mysterious past. What will happen when those who seek to control these new, competing forces in men’s lives come into conflict with that past and with each other?

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  • Paperback: 428 pages
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Book 5: The Corn Maiden's Gift

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Five: The Corn Maiden's Gift

The vast mound complexes of the heartland of prehistoric America have reached their zenith, but the men who built them must now cope with a dramatically changing environment, as well as with their own excesses.



Very interesting historical novel focusing on the the lives of several Adena (mound builder) tribe members. Character development is strong, and the historical accuracy of the cultural aspects is based on a lifetime of research by the author. Highly recommended.