Children of the Circle

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From Ice Age hunters to the mysterious mound builders, the novels of The People of the Stone saga have told the stories of forgotten generations of native peoples and the varied and often spectacular cultural experiments they created in the great heartland of North America’s vast river systems. These amazing peoples have overcome every challenge the often changing environments and dynamic internal forces have thrown up to face them for many thousands of years.

Now a new force from far outside their own world has suddenly appeared and will test them one final time. This will be a dangerous and fateful encounter with strange peoples and their powerful technology and wondrous beasts. It will also be a test forcing the river peoples into an uncertain future, one in which their cherished ancient beliefs must compete with a new and unyielding spiritual view that is well beyond anything for which their ancestors have prepared them.


Book 1: The Stone Breakers

BookOne: The Stone Breakers

You have just entered the world of The Stone Breakers, a story of the first peoples who came to and settled America during and at the end of the last ice age.