We are happy to announce a permanent new lower price structure on all 6 books in  the People of the Stone saga.  Thanks to new publisher arrangements and quantity purchasing, the shipping included price for any novel in the series is now just 15.00 when purchased through this website.  This is a savings of 5.00 on the Amazon or other retail sales price, and each book is still personalized and signed by the author.  No better time to select your favorite period of Native American prehistory--from the end of the Ice Age to the coming of the Europeans--and begin your journey through time.  Discounts for the Review a Book entry on this blog site still apply.  For potential new readers, why not scroll down and click on this entry on page 2 and see what others are saying about these unique books.  We are also pleased to announce that both  The Stone Breakers and Voices Upon the Wind are now available as ebooks through publisher and through many of your normal ebook purchasing entities, some at reduced pricing of as little as 3.99 on Amazon Kindle.

We are also pleased to announce to our many foreign visitors to the website that the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth books in the six part series are now available through our Create Space publisher's direct affiliation with Amazon and can now be purchased  through AmazonEurope for direct purchase in that market with pricing and payment in euros!    Beginning with the exciting RED EARTH SKY and ending with the historical importance of the coming of Hernando de Soto to the southeastern United States in CHILDREN OF THE CIRCLE, these four titles cover the bulk of native American prehistory in all its many unique cultures from the first farmers, through the moundbuilders, the great and mysterious Cahokia, to the final coming of the Europeans and all the dramatic events of the introduction of the horse and European cultures.


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