We are proud to announce that PLACE OF THE MISTY SKY, the first novel in a new trilogy on the origins, rise, and decline of Maya Civilization will be available to the public on all Amazon and Kindle ebook platforms by September of this year.  This important new book series is the culmination of several years of research and two trips to study the amazing Maya culture firsthand by T.C. Kuhn, author of the People of the Stone books on prehistoric North America.  The first novel will deal with the rise of Classic Maya culture and be set in the important Mirador Basin oF northern Guatemala. A short description of the unusual approach the author has taken in this new novel is provided at the end of this entry.  Additionally, readers are urged to read the Preface to this exciting new novel, which follows in its entirety in the subsequent entry to this blog posting.


                                             PLACE OF THE MISTY SKY DESCRIPTION


                PLACE OF THE MISTY SKY is a novel of the origins of the Classic Maya and the many mysteries surrounding those beginnings.  It is also a look at their unique concept of three-dimensional Time in which no event is ever isolated or lost.  This is a tale of two strange artifacts and how their influence reaches across a gulf of two thousand years into the present to once again draw their curious possessor into the ancient legend, for which they seem to hold the key.  Connor Terry, art historian, has stumbled upon these artifacts in a collection he is preparing for a major auction.  He soon realizes he must return to Guatemala, a place he knows well from his past, to pursue the origins of the artifacts.  However, that will involve re-connecting with the one person who can help him there—the archeologist he once loved but abandoned twenty-years before.  That trip will lead him onto a trail of mystery, murder, and political intrigue in the high stakes world of Pre-Columbian art smuggling, set against those dedicated to preserving their important national heritage.  Connor must also come to terms with his troubled past and the consequences of his decision to pursue the legend the artifacts may reveal.  Interspersed in alternating chapters is the story of Flint Sky, the ancient spirit keeper who was once entrusted with the key to the same mystery.  Standing between the two opposing houses of the serpent and jaguar sign in the sprawling complex of stone mountains hidden in the vast Guatemalan forests, he will find himself caught in the struggle between the old gods and the new—and the powerful men who would use his knowledge to further their ambitions in a land that is about to change forever.

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