We are very happy to announce that the revising, re-editing, and reformatting of the first two books in THE PEOPLE OF THE STONE SERIES is now complete.  New 2nd editions of both THE STONE BREAKERS and VOICES UPON THE WIND are now available on all Amazon and Kindle ebook services, both in the United States and internationally.  We are also extremely happy to announce the re-pricing of both books to bring them more in line with the other four books in the series, which are already available in both printed and ebook formats.  Newly expanded print versions of both these exciting and important books are available for $19.99 through Amazon.  Personalized copies are available at 15.99 through this website. Just click on the STORE icon at the top of any page.  The Kindle ebook versions are now priced at $4.99 for THE STONE BREAKERS and  $3.99 for VOICES UPON THE WIND--as are the other four books in the series.

We hope you will check out the revised editions of both these novels, which deal with the earliest peopling of North America--even if you have enjoyed either or both books in the past.  Wonderful new cover art is included and can be seen on this website.

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