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This is the opening entry for archeolgist and novelist T.C. Kuhn's blog for the website peopleofthestone.com. People of the Stone is an on-going book series now in its fourth installment dealing with the major issues in native American prehistory from the perspective of both archeology and literature. This blog will attempt to highlight some of the important controversies and new information dealt with by the author in the book series as well as allowing for new discussion and input on various subjects dealing with the various ice age peoples who came to dominate North America over untold thousands of years until the final arrival of the first Europeans in the sixteenth century. There are many new and exciting developments in this on-going prehistoric American story, beginning with controversies over when and from where the unique Clovis stone tool technolgy developed and spread; what happended to these peoples and the mammoth and other extinct animals they hunted; how the land itself changed (for example: did a celestial event help to cause the extinction of the mammoth and other animals and end the Clovis period?),etc. How did tribalization begin? Where did the moundbuilders come from? How much interaction was there between the various early peoples and even later between regions and even the great cultures to the south in Mexico? All these and other questions addressed in the individual books in the series will be amplified and updated as new info. and reader input comes in to create new views on the many prehistoric Americans for whom we are only just beginning to realize that much of what we thought we knew or had taken for granted about their past (even the length of that past) are now subjects for new debate as each seemingly new answer continues to raise more questions. The author will attempt to bring a unique perspective based upon his thirty plus years in the field, as well as his experience as a craftsman who has literally lived these ancient stone and other technologies to this format. Let's talk about it again soon.

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